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Otane Wastewater UpgradesTe whakahoutanga o te Wāhi Rāwekeweke Wai Para i Ōtāne

Investigations as a result of the wider Big Wastewater Story work identified that the best option for the future of Otāne’s wastewater treatment lies in conveyance to Waipawa.

In February 2021, Council lodged an application for a variation to the existing discharge consent. This variation sought to extend the deadline for upgrades to the treatment plant.

At the same time, Council undertook design and then construction work to convey Otāne’s wastewater to Waipawa. By constructing a 9km

Details about the construction of both the pipeline and pump station works, which were completed in August 2022, can be found below.

otane upgrade


Update | 29 November 2021

The northern section to the Otāne Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) was completed last week with the custom bends in the WWTP accessway installed on Saturday. 

Update | 18 October 2021

Waipawa WWTP Site 2

Last week we saw the remaining 900m of pipe arrive for the Otane to Waipawa wastewater pipeline. Fulton Hogan are continuing with detail installations along the route.

Also underway on the Waipawa Wastewater Treatment Plan Front Paddock is the welding of the Pourerere Road water pipe which Fulton Hogan are also undertaking. This week will see the commencement of the pipe installation by directional drilling be undertaken by Xtreme Contractors for Fulton Hogan. Centralines are also due on site to start the power upgrade for the site

Update | 27 September 2021

Fulton Hogan continue to make progress on the Otane to Waipawa Wastewater Pipeline. Wet weather slowed the trenched section into the Otane WWTP entrance by a few days but the team continued with the assembly of detail fittings for Air and Scour Valves. The last pipe delivery is due in the coming weeks once transportation is finalised. This delivery also includes the special elbows that have been manufactured at the factory.

Otane to Waipawa Pipeline

Update | 1 September 2021

Fulton Hogan have been awarded Stage 3 of the pipeline being the northern most section from the Dee St/White Rd intersection back to the Ōtāne Waste Water Treatment Plant. This work is due to start in a couple of weeks’ time and will also include power ducting and potable water to the site. The northern section will be open trenched and the southern section will be directionally drilled.

We are currently working with Stead construction with the view to award a contract for the construction of the Pump station at Ōtāne Waste Water Treatment Plant.


Update | 14 February 2022

Fulton Hogan completed the access track for the laying of Pipe between Tiffen Lane and Racecourse Road. Temporary fencing is in place, plus clearance of trees as required. Once the weather clears later in the week, this open cut section of pipe laying will commence. Fulton Hogan are waiting for the arrival of Air Valves; these should be in New Zealand this month after a delay in shipping. Once they are on site, these Air Valves will be installed along the pipe route from Otane to Waipawa in readiness for pressure testing of the New WW Pipeline.

Update | 31 January 2022

Fulton Hogan is preparing an access track off Tiffen Lane to Racecourse Road for the new pipeline. Pipe has been welded in readiness to install in the coming month and the supplier of the Air Valves has confirmed their arrival in the middle of February - shipping issues out of South Africa had delayed their departure. 

Update | 13 December 2021

Fulton Hogan is continuing the central part of the pipeline (Stage 2) as Stage 3 has now been completed. Detailed design of the offtake for the treated waste from Otāne to enter the Waipawa pond has been completed and is currently out for pricing. This portion of work is expected to start in the new year and be completed by March 2022.

Update | 29 November 2021

Work is due to commence shortly on the middle “open cut” section of pipeline that runs alongside the rail corridor between Racecourse Road and Tiffen Lane.

Update | 14 June 2021

This week will see the last sections of pipe installed along Tamumu Road. Fulton Hogan will then commence the section of Pipeline along Race course Road from the Rail Crossing to White Road intersection. Council released a tender for the construction of a Wastewater Pump Station at the Otane WWTP last week which is one of the last parts of the project. The tender opportunity closes on the 2nd July.

Otane to Waipawa WW Pipeline

Update | 25 May 2021

Fulton Hogan and their Sub-contractor Xtreme have completed the installation from Tiffen Lane to the Waipawa WWTP site (2km) of the New Otane to Waipawa Wastewater Pipeline. Fulton Hogan will begin installation of details in  the coming weeks along this section once they have completed, and the White Road Details are currently underway.

Council is working with Fulton Hogan to ensure the Tamumu Road Section of this Project is not under restricted traffic movements while the trucking of Bio Solids from the Waipawa WWTP Desludging Project is underway. Contractors are also re-siting the Welding Container to the end of Tiffen Lane in preparation for welding Pipe Strings for the Tiffen Lane Section.

C1117 Otn to Wpa WW Pipeline Pourerere Rd 20210517 9

Update | 26 March 2021

Fulton Hogan are on site welding 15m pipes lengths into 150m Pipe Strings. These Pipe Strings are the expected directional drill shots that are due to commence in approximately 2 to 3 weeks’ time. Fulton Hogan have set up a Laydown and Pipe Welding Station inside the Waipawa WWTP Road Side paddock and work their way back towards Tiffen Lane. From here the plan is to continue down Tiffen Lane through to Racecourse Road and re-join onto Stage One which finished at the White Road Intersection. 

C1117 Otn to Wpa WW Pipeline 20210326 6

Update | March 2021

Stage 2 of the Otane to Waipawa Wastewater Pipeline has begun with the delivery of the first 1.35km of the 4.22km overall to be undertaken in this second stage of work.

Fulton Hogan whom undertook Stage 1 is back on board for Stage2.

Work will initially commence at the Waipawa WWTP site heading back to Tiffen Lane. From here the route continues along Tiffen lane across to Racecourse Road and then down to the White Road intersection where Stage 1 finished.

Fulton Hogan are also completing the installation of Air and Scour Valves along the Stage 1 Pipeline. The fitting of these was held up due to delays in supply of the pressure rated fittings that had to be sourced from overseas.

In addition to this Fulton Hogan are looking to employ 2 people as part of the Sustainable Procurement requirements of this Contract.

C1117 Otane to Waipawa WW Pipeline Stage 2 20210302 8


Update | 3 August 2020

Fulton Hogan are currently installing details (valves, joints, etc…) along the pipe already installed along White Road. These details will be used at a later stage to fit Scour and Air Valves for when the Pipeline comes online. To date over 2km of pipe is installed. On track for completion by October 2020.

C1074 OTN to WPA Pipe Strings Welded

Update | 20 July 2020

Fulton Hogan are fast approaching the halfway point with over 1700 m of new pipe installed in the ground by using trenchless technology.

They are currently working their way from Otane end to the Racecourse Road end joining the new sections of pipe together that their Sub-contractor Xtreme have completed so far.

C1074 OTN to WPA Detail 200720

Update | 13 July 2020

The project has shown great progress over the last few weeks with the completion of over a kilometre of pipe installed to date even with inclement weather conditions. The contractors are working their way towards Otane before turning around and heading back towards Waipawa end.

Over the next few weeks, they will commence welding the pipe together and getting ready to test the first 1350m (phase 1) of the install.

Update | 29 June 2020

Work is well underway now on this project, Our contractors Fulton Hogan and Xtreme are directional drilling to install the new wastewater pipeline. Approximately 1km of pipe has already been welded ready to be pulled into the hole that has been horizontally drilled, they are typically pulling through 200metre lengths at a time.

The process is to weld the lengths first, then drill the hole then pull the pipe through, and welding to join the lengths together, this is a process that is typically followed as the project progresses, with the welders aiming to stay ahead of the drilling unit to ensure pipe is ready to be pulled through.

Update | 16 June 2020

The project team have now set the site well and are currently welding the lengths of pipes together, in preparation for the directional drilling to commence, this will allow the pipes to be ready to be pulled through.

C1074 OTN to WPA Welding Container 200616

Update | 3 June 2020

Our contractor is busy establishing site, and today we took delivery of our first 1300m of pipe. We are currently preparing for works to commence next week.

imagejpeg 2

Update | 28 May 2020

Next week, Fulton Hogan will commence establishing site and setting up a lay down area or camp to base themselves from for the next 3-4 months while they deliver Stage 1 of this project!

We will be installing project signboards at each end of White Road.

Update | 20 May 2020

Final planning work is being completed as we prepare to start this project.

Stage 1 will see approx 3500m of wastewater pipeline installed along White Road, positioning us well to continue with Stage 2 as soon as we have the funding available.

The project aligns well with our long term vision to centralise wastewater treatment in Waipawa and compliments the work we have undertaken leading into Long Term Plan 2021.

Otane to Waipawa WW Pipeline

Update | 13 December 2019

Council have approved to re-purpose the treatment plant upgrade funding towards Stage 1 of the pipeline from Otane to Waipawa. We expect to complete approx. 3.5km worth of this 8.5km pipeline.

Works are expecting start in Feb/ Mar 2020. The remaining works will be carried out following the decision and direction of the greater wastewater project as laid out in LTP 2021.

Update | 10 September 2019

The design progresses well for this pipeline route, and is expected to be completed by early October 2019.

In conjunction with this design, a due diligence process is being undertaken to confirm the feasibility of a conveyance pipeline to Waipawa rather against a full treatment plant upgrade to future proof Otane.

Following confirmation, this pipeline is planned to be undertaken in 3 stages;

1. 3200m of wastewater pipeline that runs parallel/ alongside with the new water pipeline (from January 2020 -> December 2020)

2. Resource consent amendment or new

2. The remaining pipeline to Waipawa WWTP, and pump station to deliver wastewater to Waipawa (from July 2021->)

Update | 25 July 2019

Following the inclusion of this plant in the wider wastewater scheme for Central Hawke's Bay. 

Council is currently investigating a pipeline from Otane to Waipawa, to initially join the Waipawa discharge once treated at Otane, and eventually to be treated at Waipawa.

Following successfully determining that this is the best option, council is planning to progress parts of this project with the Otane Alternate water supply to gain efficiencies and savings that can be made here.

Routes Otane to WPA Wastewater

Update | 25 July 2022

Contractors have made progress towards completion of the Otāne wastewater pump station, the mechanical install is predominately complete and the electrical work is approximately 50% done. Final connections for all the instrumentation and site lighting are due to be completed shortly, to be followed by commissioning tests prior to starting the wastewater conveyance from Otāne to Waipawa.

Otane Pump Station.

Update | 24 January 2022

Stead construction is completing work on the concrete pump slab with the concrete pour being completed this week. There is also a live manhole replacement to complete prior to Max Tarr commencing onsite early in February for the pump and electrical installations. Currently, we are still on track for completion in early March. 

Update | 20 December 2021

Work on the concrete slabs at Otāne WWTP has continued with approval from the structural design engineer last week, as well as the first concrete pours. As you can see, the site has changed significantly in order to be able to accommodate the pump station. 

pic 1


Update | 13 December 2021

Most of the significant earthworks are now completed with concrete work on the screenings slab, MCC and Generator slab, Main Pump slab and retaining wall well underway. Pre-pour inspections are to be carried out this week.

Update | 29 November 2021

Stead are commencing work on the screenings slab, MCC and Generator slab, Main Pump slab and retaining wall this week. This will see the site start to take shape and allow for subcontractors, Max Tar,r to get started on the mechanical and electrical work. 

Update | 15 November 2021

The majority of all buried pipework (PVC and PE pipework) has been installed by Stead. Final finishing of all the manhole penetrations will be completed shortly and full watertight testing of the pipe ‘network’ can then be completed. Bulk excavation of the pump foundation slab and shaping of the main embankment for structural reinforcing has also continued. 

pic 2


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