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Otane Alternate Drinking Water SupplyTukunga wai inu kāinga rua o Ōtāne

Otane Alternate Drinking Water Supply

Otane Alternate Drinking Water Supply

Update – 28 Feb 2020

The project is performing as expected and the Otane township now has a resilient alternative water supply.

To celebrate the project, a summary fact sheet was created by the project team.

002126 Otane Facts FP a

Update – 18 Dec 2019

Today marked an extremely significant occasion in #thebigwaterstory as the pipeline was officially blessed and commissioned by Mayor Alex Walker.

The new supply promises to significantly increase the resilience of Otane’s water supply which has seen several incidences of shortfall prior to the project’s completion, resulting in localised water restrictions being placed early this summer. Contracted to Fulton Hogan Ltd, the $2.6 million project has seen 5.2km of new pipeline laid from State Highway 2, connecting into the existing Waipawa water supply and then into the Otane network via Racecourse and White Road.

IMG 20191218 140553

Update – 10 Dec 2019

All pipe has been tested, and this week we are working on the final electrical hook ups, ready for the grand opening next week.

Please find a link to a flyer with details on the event.

Update – 02 Dec 2019

The new valve is in place, along with the flow meter, the team is now busy setting up the control cabinet and tidying up all final details.

Otane Alt Supply PRV and Flow Meter

Update – 25 Nov 2019

Last week we installed the chamber for the pressure reducing valve (PRV).

Testing continues this week, as we prepare the pipeline for commissioning in December. The final scour valve is planned to be installed, and we are working on the electrical and telemetry unit to run the PRV and flow meter.

All currently on track for commissioning.

PRV Valve Chamber

Update – 18 Nov 2019

Works are currently underway to install the power and telemetry cabinet, and the pressure reducing valve (PRV) that will control the flow of water from Waipawa into Otane in peak demand periods.

PRV Location 20191113

Update – 11 Nov 2019

On Friday 8th November we reached a significant milestone on this project with the last 100mtrs of pipe being pulled into the ground, we have now installed all 5200mtrs of new pipe!

We now focus on testing all the pipework, cutting in the final details, hooking up the flow meter, and pressure reducing valve to telemetry, and getting ready to commission.

Final Culvert into Otane

Update – 30 Oct 2019

We continue to make progress on this project even with the inclement weather over the past few weeks. The new water pipe has been installed under the Racecourse road rail-crossing with the new pipe ready for testing from SH 2 to Homewood Road.

We only have approx. 400m left for Fulton Hogan’s sub-contractor Xtreme Drilling to drill and install towards the Otane end of the route. Road reinstatement and valve installations continue along the new pipe length on a daily basis.

All going well, all works will be completed and this pipeline commissioned by mid December 2019.

Hydro excavating Otane White Road

Update – 16 Oct 2019

The shut downs last week went well last week. with the shut down successful, and the equal tee able to be installed successfully.

SH2 Eq Tee Otane Alt Supply

Update – 07 Oct 2019

This week we have two shut downs planned;

  • Wednesday 09th October 10pm - 6am
  • Friday 11th October 930am-330pm

Please see the attached flyers outlining detail on the shutdowns and the requests for conservation;

If you have any queries - please contact council on 06 857 8060.

Update – 03 Oct 2019

Fulton Hogan continue to make good progress - 60% has been completed to date with less than 2km of the original 5.2km of new water pipe to be installed. Valves continue to be installed on the pipe in the ground, additionally directional drilling is currently underway along the northern section of White Road to install new main.

The next major undertaking for this project is to install the connection arrangement into the existing Otane Supply located on Great North Road.

This will entail Council’s network operator Veolia installing new valves on the pipeline from the Waipawa Reservoir, which will allow Fulton Hogan to install the Great North Road connection.

The second major item in the coming weeks will be to install the new water pipe under the Rail Crossing in Racecourse Road. This will involve directional drilling under the railway line with a slightly larger host pipe then inserting the new water pipe inside the host pipe.

Otane Alt Supply pipe on rollers

Update – 20 Sep 2019

Council’s Contractor Fulton Hogan have made great progress over the past month with 55% of the Project now completed.

Work is currently underway along Racecourse Road reinstating the road where pipe installation has been completed. Directional drilling for the new Water Pipe is continuing underway along White Road with another 1.8km of pipe delivered ready to join together and install. 

Update – 16 Sep 2019

The Fulton Hogan team continue to progress well with approx. 2500m of pipe in the ground, we are very near the half way mark of this 5.2km project. We are currently working on connecting to the existing supply fed out of the Waipawa reservoirs, following this milestone, the team will shift to the rail crossing and then onto White Road.

As we start to ramp up for our next section, we need more pipe! Today saw the delivery of a further 1.8km of 180mm PE pipe.

1800m Pipe Delivery 18 Sep 2019

Update – 09 Sep 2019

Work continues on the State Highway as Fulton Hogan drill in a new water main, a tie into the water main feeding out of the Waipawa reservoirs on SH2 is planned for Monday 23rd September 2019, otherwise good progress is being made and approx 1500m of pipe is in the ground of the 5200m, the project remains on track to completed by December 2019.

Update – 26 August 2019

Work is now underway along SH2/ Great North Road, Waipawa. Fulton Hogan are using the road shoulder as a work site with temporary traffic management in place while this work is undertaken.

They are currently welding pipe lengths together in preparation for drilling across and along SH2 as part of the Otane Alternative Water Supply.

This work will be ongoing until the end of September when the connection into the existing supply pipe to Otane will be carried out. 

Pipe Strings on SH2

Update – 20 August 2019

Fulton Hogan are making good progress - to date approximately 1km of new water main pipe has been installed.

Steady progress is being made toward Great North Road, Waipawa along Racecourse Road. Fulton Hogan are planning to complete the section along Great North Road by the end of September with connection into the existing supply feed from the Waipawa Reservoir.

The White Road section of this project will commence towards the end of September working from Racecourse Road towards Otane.

1002 Otane Alt Water Supply 20190813 5

Update – 25 July 2019

Fulton Hogan have completed the installation of the first new water pipe this week - a new 63mm rider main on Homewood Road.

This project involves installation of 5.2km’s of new 180mm Polyethylene (PE) water pipe from Great North Road, Waipawa down Racecourse Road, along White road into the Knorp St intersection.

Traffic Mgmt Racecourse Road

Other work also taking place is replacing an old steel water pipe with a new polyethylene (PE) to supply those connected to the council network. This is undertaken to allow the new water pipe to Otane to be installed. The crew are currently drilling sections of the 180mm PE on Racecourse Road, and butt-welding the lengths of pipe together.

Work will continue over the next 6 months with contractors putting temporary traffic control measures in place for the duration of this project.

Below is a photo of the purpose built welding container, this allows pipe welding to continue despite the rain - GREAT innovation by the Fulton Hogan team!

Welding Container

Update – 11 July 2019

Fulton Hogan Ltd are establishing site this week, with materials being delivered for this significant project. Work is due to commence the week starting 15th July on a new water rider main from Homewood Road to the White Road Intersection. This replaces an old steel pipe running from Waipawa. 

We expect significant traffic management to be in place along Racecourse Road and White Road to ensure the safety of the teams undertaking this key project for council. Please take care when driving along the route and around the construction team site – we apologise for any inconvenience or disruptions the traffic management may cause.

The following linked letter drop has been delivered to all residents that may be affected.

Update – 01 July 2019

Last week Fulton Hogan Ltd were awarded this $2 million contract,  and now progress closer to works commencing on site, we expect works to commence on-site the week of the 08 July 2019 through to completion in early December 2019.

The construction will see a 180mm PE pipeline laid from SH2, connecting into the existing Waipawa supply, running along Racecourse Road, crossing the railway on Racecourse Road and running into and along White Road, finally connecting into new supply on the corner of Knorp and White Road, which feeds into the existing Otane water network supply on the corner of Higginson Street and White Road.

This approx. 5.2km new pipeline project will see significant resilience and security of water supply added to the Otane network. 

C 1002 Project Signboard

Update – 21 June 2019

A rigorous tender process has been completed, and council has identified a preferred supplier, it is currently finalising a contract with.

The project is expected to commence in mid July 2019 with completion of the water pipeline by December 2019.

A further update will be provided upon award of the contract, and the next steps.

Update – 23 April 2019

As we finalise our information for the design to be released to prospective tenderer's, contractors will from Wed 24th April 2019 for approx 3-4 days be excavating 10 test holes along the proposed route of the alternate water supply, along White Road onto Racecourse Road. This work is essential in assisting council and prospective contractors better understand the ground conditions to plan their construction methodology.

Council is partnering with Davies Waste for the civil work (excavations and traffic management) and WSP-OPUS will be undertaking the sampling and testing to produce a report.

Update – 05 April 2019

Council is currently finalising the tender documents, and plans to release this project to the open market for tender in mid-April 2019 through to mid-May 2019. We expect works to commence in June 2019 and be completed by December 2019.

Council is currently investigating incorporating the proposed wastewater pipe to be piped from Otane to Waipawa as part of the proposed wider wastewater project options and how this could be implemented into the project if required.

Design Overview Apr 2019

Update – 18 January 2019

Council is currently finalising the design aspect of this project, and plans to tender this project in March 2019. Concept Design 18 Jan 2019


Update – 6 November 2018

As outlined in the water component of the Otane Land development, contractors are currently working on the small section between Dee Street and Higginson Street along White Road, this involves installing a 150mm PE pipeline, hydrants and valves from the land development to the existing network on Higginson Street along White Road.

Additionally, contractors will leave a closed valve and blank flange at the intersection of Knorp Street and White Road for when the physical works commence to ensure no disruption to existing customers when connecting up the new network.

Council is currently tendering for a professional services consultant to assist council with the design, engineering and procurement component of this project.

Further updates will be provided as this project progresses.

otane drinking waterotane drinking water 2

Update - 11 October 2018

Otane is experiencing a surge of positive growth and heightened activity with the development of a new subdivision on White Road.

With a thriving District and some of the strongest growth figures for property in New Zealand, Central Hawke’s Bay is experiencing an awakening, with a surge of positivity resulting from a strong local and regional economy, new residents, businesses and visitors to the District.

With as many as 1,025 new households expected in the next 30 years and 535 of those households expected in the next ten years, to support this growth the Central Hawke’s Bay District Council are looking at innovative and cost effective new ways to work collaboratively to support growth and development in the District.

In the development of the White Road Subdivision, Council has worked collaboratively with the developer to achieve not only the installation of services required for the completion of the new subdivision, but to future proof Otane and deliver aspects of #the Big Water Story.  The installation of a new second water supply to increase the resilience of the Otane Water Supply is a key project in #the Big Water Story.

“Working in collaboration has had real benefits, not just to the developer but the wider community – achieving efficiencies in the delivery of Council projects and a long-term ‘dig-once’ approach”, says 3 Waters Programme Manager, Darren de Klerk.

The works in White Road involved a new water and wastewater main being laid, part of which will form the new Otane second water supply project.  In addition, a new wastewater pump station situated on the development boundary of White Road has also been installed to pump wastewater to Council’s network.

The project has progressed well on site, in alignment with the development of the subdivision with Contractors having completed the laying of wastewater pipes at the end of September and the new wastewater pump station expected to be commissioned by the end of October 2018.

Contractors will then move into the next stage of the project, laying a new water main from the Knorp Street intersection through to the intersection of Higginson and White Road.  Work is expected to be completed by the end of November 2018.

The remainder of the Otane Second Water Supply project is expected to begin in early 2019, with further communications on the project expected in the near future.

Update – 27 September 2018

A small section of this project has been awarded as an extension of the existing land development works underway on White Road in Otane.

This will allow council to tender out the project from the intersection of White and Knorp Street – along White Road through to Racecourse Road, along Racecourse Road under the railway crossing and through to tie into the existing network on the corner of Racecourse Road and SH2.

This section of the project is currently in the design/ planning phase and council hopes to be in a position to tender the works in late Nov/ Dec 2018. With site works to start in Feb 2019.

Update - 10 September 2018

Otane Basic Design Alt Supply Opus


Update - 29th August 2018

Central Hawke’s Bay District Council (CHBDC) are currently defining scope and requirements for this project, initial scope is looking at installing a new water main from reservoirs in Waipawa down into Racecourse Road, along White Road and teeing into the existing main at the corner of White Road and Knorp Street. A small section of main will also be installed between Dee Street and Higginson Street along White Road, we will shortly be tendering out for the design component of this project. This project is significant for Otane and will increase the resilience of the network.


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