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CHB Water Renewals

CHB Water Renewals

CHB Water Renewals

You can follow the specific project updates by visiting the drop down for individual projects below.

Current & Future Projects:

Nelson Street & Reservoir Road: Nov 2020 - July 2021

This infrastructure was identified as requiring replacement by the Three Waters Operations team as this area accounts for a disproportionate amount of the water leaks within the reticulated network areas (approx. 10%). These areas are also scheduled by the Land Transport department for patch reseals.

Neloson st

The success of this project will have an immediate impact on the level of service delivery available to our ratepayers, those directly affected will have a new network with greater resilience and less prone to reduced level of service, while those ratepayers not based in the immediate area also having a greater level of service available with other network issues able to be dealt with more swiftly due to the reduction in water leak repairs required for the Nelson/Reservoir area.

This project is intended to be funded through Tranche 1 of the Central Government 3 Waters Reform funding.

Update July 30, 2021

The team from Higgins are currently working to prepare the final lateral changeovers for properties on Nelson street. This section of main and rider main pipework is due to be tested and chlorinated this week. It is expected that the water main renewal project will be completed in the next 2/3 weeks.


Update June 14, 2021

Last week Higgins completed the installation of the New Water Mains in Nelson Street’s Northern Section with the passing of Pressure and Chlorination tests. Planning is currently underway to connect this onto Council’s Network including the feed pipeline up to Hunter Park Reservoir.

Nelson St Water Upgrade

Update May 15, 2021

The residents of Reservoir Road have all now had their lateral connections switched over to the new water main and the team are moving on to the Nelson St work. Pipe is onsite and welding will start this week.

Last week the team also helped out by completing a temporary repair on a leak in the area, the sixth leak repair since they commenced onsite at the start of March, and great evidence as to why this renewals work is required.

IMG 20210524 101647 resized 20210524 101749804

Update May 7, 2021

The centre lane of Nelson Street is going to be used as a storage and work area from Friday 7th of May. This is to prepare the new watermain which is presently being installed. This may cause some minor disruption as drivers will only be able to access and exit driveways in one direction. We apologise in advance for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience!

Update April 19, 2021

Higgins and their subcontractors Xtreme drilling have completed the pipe install of both water mains and rider mains on Reservoir road. This Tuesday we have planned to connect in to the existing network in Fleming road, this will enable testing of the newly installed main, and coupled with the finalisation of valving and hydrant details should see this main able to be livened in the next couple of weeks and properties connected to the new network.

Update March 22, 2021

Higgins and their Subcontractor Xtreme drilling have been making good progress with the drilling of the new 125PE water main pipe on Reservoir Rd with approximately 160m of main already installed. The crew are working along behind the pipe drillers installing laterals. With this project we are using EF tapping saddles and couplers instead of previously used “Push-loc” fittings which have caused some issues in the past. New laterals are being installed for each property including where some connections are currently servicing multiple properties. This coupled with the use of Rider mains (where a second smaller main line is installed on the opposite side of the road) should ensure the future resilience of this new piece of network.

      Update March 1, 2021

Today, after a short delay due to issues with the supply of pipe due to Covid-19, Higgins have started onsite at Nelson St and Reservoir Rd in Waipukurau on a project to renew both streets Water mains. Over 6 months, approximately 950m of water main pipe and 670m of smaller Rider Main will be installed across both streets, as well as 8 Fire Hydrants and new lateral connection to all properties. Traffic management will be in place in these areas, please be considerate of workers onsite - thank you for your patience.

IMG 20210226 113026

Update February 23 2021:

Due to some delays in the supply of the Water Main pipe materials (PE pipe) caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the planned start date of the 22nd February is slightly delayed. At this stage we are hopefully that physical construction will be able to start next week (1st -5th March). Higgins Contractors will provide all affected properties with an update and key contact details prior to commencement of works onsite.  

Update February 2021:


We are pleased to announce that Higgins have been engaged to complete the works of behalf of CHBDC. The project was programmed to start on Monday 22nd February 2021 however due to Covid-19 affecting material supply chains, there has been a small delay in the supply of PE pipework and the construction start date may need to be pushed back a week or two, we will provide an update as soon and further details are available.

Update January 2021:

We are currently negotiating with a contractor to complete this work. Physical construction onsite is expected to commence at the end of February and be completed by the end of July. This construction will involve the installation of 950 metres of water main and 570 metres of smaller Rider main by horizontal directional drilling, and the installation of 8 New Fire Hydrants. Residents in these areas can expect to receive detailed information in their letterbox shortly.

CHBDC and contract partners Higgins have finished the project to renew the Water mains in Nelson Street and Reservoir Road, Waipukurau. All residents have now been connected to the new, more resilient network. In addition, the project provided employment opportunities for two members of our local community who have now been offered permanent positions.


The water main project was strategically planned to enable the now redundant, old pipeline to be replaced with upgraded stormwater infrastructure. Work to install this is about to commence and aims to improve the ability to both catch and direct stormwater flows on Nelson St and eliminate known surface flooding issues.


Nelson St SW works

Nelson St Stormwater Works

Second Supply – Tikokino Road Water Main Renewal – Stage 1

Downer are completing preparatory tasks to allow the final break in for the new water main from the Water Treatment plant on Tikokino Rd. This work will be performed week of 27 September, 2021 subject to weather and final operations support. Once concluded this will mark the first major new capital/combined renewals linked with the second supply. While this is occurring separately additional geotechnical work at the reservoir location is under way in order to establish further information for the reservoir design.

Tikokino Road Trunk Water Main Renewal Stage 1

We expect the project to take approximately 6 months to complete.

Yes, contractors will ensure all areas are left safe and tidy, with barriers around any excavations and residents informed of the risks.  

There will be traffic management in place to ensure the safety of the teams undertaking the work, to minimise interruptions, Council will work with contractors to ensure residents are aware of the project and to keep these traffic interruptions to a minimum.  

Mostly not, although there may be short periods of time when access to some driveways is limited. Individual property owners/tenants will be advised in advance.  

There will be some noise because of vehicle movements and operation of equipment. The impact of noise on the community will vary according to the time of day, nature of work and proximity to the noise source.  

The Contractors are permitted to work on site from 7.00am to 6.00pm Monday to Saturday.   

No work other than emergency or maintenance work shall be undertaken on Sundays and Public Holidays without prior approval by the Engineer.  

If you have any queries, please contact CHBDC council   
on 06 857 8060 or for information on this or other projects please visit: 

Completed Projects:

CHB Water Renewals: Mackie St & McLean Tce, Waipukurau

Update: 11 September 2019

Practical completion has now been issued on this project.

Update: 23 August 2019

We have now completed all water works on this project which involved the renewal of approx. 926m of water main and the replacement of many laterals. Final walkover and project quality checks are to take place over the next two weeks, along with our contractor remedying any defects found.

All resealing and footpaths have been reconstructed.

Council thanks residents for their co-operation during the 15 week construction of the water upgrade.

1005 Waipukurau Water Upgrade 20190813 1

Update: 25 July 2019

All new water pipes are connected to the town supply with the last connection carried out on Wednesday 24th July in Porangahau Road.

IMG 20190724 114253

This connection involved removing an old valve and installation of a new tee and valve while working around a second water supply pipe. Contractors now begin the push to reinstate the remaining footpaths and road surfaces with final topsoil work of grass berms to continue when weather permits over the coming weeks.

Fulton Hogan are stilling aiming to be completed and offsite by the middle of August.

1005 McLean Tce Water Connection 20190724 10

Update: 11 July 2019

Both new water mains are now live and connected to the Council water network with all households connected to the new pipes with new laterals and water toby’s. Fulton Hogan are working with their sub-contractors to rehabilitate the footpaths and road surfaces with work currently underway in Mackie Street to complete the road surface now that the footpaths are completed.

Next week the last shutdown will take place along Porangahau Road to allow the last connection onto the town network to take place.

1005 Waipukurau Water Improvements Mackie St 20190625 6

Update: 27 June 2019

Installation of the Mackie Street section of new water main and service laterals has been completed with the last connection of the new pipe network to the Council Water Network on Tuesday 25 June. All the water connections along Mackie Street are now been supplied off the new Water Network that Fulton Hogan have installed over the past 2 months.

Work is progressing well in McLean Terrace with the remaining new water main pipes completed, and half of the new water laterals to properties completed. Once the last few have been completed this week the contractor plans the carry out cleaning and testing of the new network next week which then allow the new network to be connected into the existing town network.

Photo below of new valve arrangement installed on the Mackie Street Section.

1005 Waipukurau Water Improvements Mackie St 20190625 6

Update: 13 June 2019

The new water main on Mackie Street passed testing late last week, and is now ready for connecting into Council’s Water Network. The connection into the network is programmed to start on Tuesday 18th June at the Freyberg Tce end first, followed by the McLean Terrace connection later that week, After the new water main is live, the contractor will then commence changing over all house connections to the new water network. The last piece of the work for Mackie Street is to connect the new water main pipe onto the existing water network in McCarthy Terrace.

The contractor will then start installing the new house service connections for McLean Terrace in preparation for testing on the McLean Terrace Water Main in the coming weeks.

We expect the project to be complete by mid July 2019, approximately 3 weeks ahead of originally planned schedule.

1005 Mackie St Water 20190612 4

Update: 29 May 2019

Work has progressed well over the past two weeks with all but 20m of the new PE Watermain installed in both Mackie Street and McLean Terrace.

Fulton Hogan are currently working on installation of the new service laterals along Mackie Street with the aim to have these completed by the end of this week.

This will allow for testing and cleaning of the new network in Mackie Street to be undertaken week starting 3rd June 2019, prior to the changeover to the new network which is planned for week starting 11th June 2019 subject to progress and confirmation of the testing.

Once Mackie Street is changed over to the new water network, Fulton Hogan will then commence with the McLean Terrace water laterals.

McLean Tce Water Pipe

Update: 15 May 2019

Work has progressed well over the past week and a half with the new water main and ridermain water pipe installed in Mackie Street.

Fulton Hogan’s sub-contractor Xtreme Contracting have directionally drilled all the new pipe which has meant a quick installation process with less road trench reinstatement work.

Over the coming weeks the water lateral to each property will be installed onto the new water main, cleaning and testing of the new pipes will then be carried out before each property is connected to the new water network.

Fulton Hogan are working with Council to minimise any disruption during the changeover phase to the new water network by having the old and new water mains live together.

Work has commenced in McLean Terrace with work continuing over the coming two weeks installing the new water pipes.

DN125 Main on Rollers Mackie Street

Update: 09 April 2019

Central Hawkes Bay District Council is pleased to advise we have awarded a contract to Fulton Hogan Ltd for the project to renew the existing water supply line and lateral connections in Mackie Street and McLean Terrace, Waipukurau.

We propose to install approx. 305m of 125 PE water main on the western side along Mackie Street and 26 service lateral connections with 270m of 63mm PE rider main down the eastern side. McLean Terrace will see 224m of 125mm PE water main and 16 service connections with 139m of 63mm rider main of 63mm OD PE installed along the southern side.

The project is planned to commence on the 15th April 2019 and run through to mid-August 2019. Hours of work will generally be between 7:30am and 6:00pm on the weekdays and 7:00am to 5:00pm on a Saturday.

MAckie and McLean pg 1


MAckie and McLean pg 2

Update: 05 April 2019

Council underwent a robust and competitive tendering process and is finalising a contract. All going to plan council expects work to commence at the end of April 2019 through the end of July 2019.

The works as outlined below, involve approx. 925m of water mains replacement.

Map of Works

Update: 23 January 2019

Council is currently finalising the design for this project which will involve renewing the AC water main in Mackie and Mclean Street, Waipukurau.

CHB Water Renewals: Porritt Place, Waipukurau

Update: 05 April 2019

Council is pleased to advise that all works are complete and asbuilts are currently being updated into our GIS system.

Update: 21 January 2019

Council is pleased to provide an update that the project is progressing well and as planned, all water network works are complete, and only final road carriageway reinstatement remains. Council expects this to be complete by the end of Jan 2019. 

Thank you all for your patience whilst we have undertaken these works.

90 Project Update 21 Jan 2019

Update: 20 December 2018

Website Project Progress UpdatePorritt PlaceCHB Water Renewal Project

Website Project Progress Update Porritt Place CHB Water Renewal Project2


Update: 28 November 2018

Porrit Place Big Water Story

 Porrit Place Big Water Story 2


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